FDA Ingredient Red, Black, Gray, White Silicone

For large volume, short yardage or second process requirements, please call our customer service department for a quote.

Item #Durometer (Hardness)ThicknessUnit of Measure
50SI122050-1/64501/64 InchSquare Yard
50SI122050-1/32501/32 InchSquare Yard
50SI122050-1/16501/16 InchSquare Yard
50SI122050-3/32503/32 InchSquare Yard
50SI122050-1/8501/8 InchSquare Yard
50SI122050-3/16503/16 InchSquare Yard
50SI122050-1/4501/4 InchSquare Yard
50SI122050-3/8503/8 InchSquare Yard
50SI122050-1/2501/2 InchSquare Yard
60SI122052-1/64601/64 InchSquare Yard
60SI122052-1/32601/32 InchSquare Yard
60SI122052-1/16601/16 InchSquare Yard
60SI122052-3/32603/32 InchSquare Yard
60SI122052-1/8601/8 InchSquare Yard
60SI122052-3/16603/16 InchSquare Yard
60SI122052-1/4601/4 InchSquare Yard
60SI122052-3/8603/8 InchSquare Yard
60SI122052-1/2601/2 InchSquare Yard
70SI122053-1/64701/64 InchSquare Yard
70SI122053-1/32701/32 InchSquare Yard
70SI122053-1/16701/16 InchSquare Yard
70SI122053-3/32703/32 InchSquare Yard
70SI122053-1/8701/8 InchSquare Yard
70SI122053-3/16703/16 InchSquare Yard
70SI122053-1/4701/4 InchSquare Yard
70SI122053-3/8703/8 InchSquare Yard
70SI122053-1/2701/2 InchSquare Yard


Midwest Rubber is a manufacturer of Custom Rubber Products. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer our customers close thickness tolerance, special compounding, and small minimum requirements.
We accept manufacturing challenges other companies do not.?Terms of Payment: Net 30 days upon credit approval.

Freight Terms:
FOB: Farmland, Indiana(47340) and/or Ontario, California(91761)
All physical properties are based on ASTM Test Slabs.?Warranty: Limited to replacement or refund of purchase Price.

General Production Information
Available Special Processes:?Fabric Finish, Paper Finish, Acrylic PSA(may be applied on one surface), Stenciling, Talc Free(PSA ready), ?Rolled rubber is provided 36?, 48?, and 54” wide (+2?/ – 0?) as standard rolls. Non standard rolls up to 60? wide. Rolls are provided untrimmed unless otherwise specified.?Standard rolls are supplied with an outer wrapping of kraft paper or plastic.?Material color is black unless otherwise specified.

Standard roll length (+/- 10%) for sheet thickness up to 1/2?.
1/32? thick – 150 feet
1/16? thick – 100 feet
3/32? thick – 65 feet
1/8? thick – 50 feet
3/16? thick – 30 feet
1/4? thick – 25 feet
3/8? thick – 17 feet
1/2? thick – 13 feet

Master Roll length (+/- 10%) for sheet thickness up to 1/2?.
1/32? thick – 300 feet
1/16? thick – 200 feet
3/32? thick – 130 feet
1/8? thick – 100 feet
3/16? thick – 60 feet
1/4? thick – 50 feetColumn 2 heading
3/8? thick – 33 feet
1/2? thick – 25 feet